Teaching Python

I used this interactive book for the lectures of Laboratorio di Algoritmica, at University of Pisa, a.a. 2015-2016, to teach basic programming. I then used this other one to teach basic algorithms and data structures.

These are shorten versions of the original books by Runestone Interactive. This version has been modified by me for the lectures of Laboratorio di Algoritmi at Informatica Umanistica, University of Pisa. I modified the original version according to GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3. I am redistributing the new material under the same License. The original Forward, Prefaces, and Contributor List can be accessed at the end of the table of contents.

Check out the table of contents for basic programming or the one for algorithms and data structures.

Benefits of this book:
– You can experiment with activecode examples right in the book
– You can do your homework right in the textbook.
– Interactive questions make sure that you are on track and help you focus.
– Codelens helps you develop a mental model of how Python works.