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Algorithms for Real-World Network Analysis

Real-world Graphs represent real relationships among things, actually millions/billions of things. Designing efficient algorithms able to deal with this huge amount of data is a continuous challenge.

Enumeration Algorithms

As a matter of fact, in the last fifty years a large variety of enumeration problems have been considered, ranging from geometry problems to graph and hypergraph problems, from order and permutation problems to logic problems, and from set problems to string problems. Nevertheless, the research area of enumeration algorithms is still very active and still includes many interesting open problems.

Analysis and Enumeration

Algorithms for Biological Graphs. Click on the image to buy the book.

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Born on June 1985. PhD in Computer Science at University of Florence, advised by Pierluigi Crescenzi. Assistant Professor (in italian, RTD-A) at University of Pisa working with the group of Roberto Grossi. Interested in Algorithms and Complexity, Complex Networks analysis, Bioinformatics, and Enumeration Algorithms. Member of the Laboratory of Algorithms, modelS, and Analysis of Graphs and NEtworks at University of Florence and member of Laboratory of Web Algorithmics at University of Milan.

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    Assistant Professor at University of Pisa, Dipartimento di Informatica

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