Fender Stratocaster

Some days ago, I visited a very nice museum in Pistoia. In occasion of Pistoia Blues 2015, the Flavio Camorani’s Fender collection has been shown in the so-called “Fender Vintage Museum”. The museum contained all the guitar and amplifier models produced in the golden age of Fender, that is from 1951 to 1974. Indeed, during these[…]



Our paper about “Enumerating Cyclic Orientations of a Graph” will be presented at IWOCA2015 in Verona! Thanks to all my coauthors: Alessio Conte, Roberto Grossi, Romeo Rizzi. The abstract follows. Acyclic and cyclic orientations of an undirected graph have been widely studied for their importance: an orientation is acyclic if it assigns a direction to each edge[…]


Enumeration Catalogue

Some months ago, a very nice web page came out. I am talking about the catalogue of enumeration algorithms by Kunihiro Wasa. There you can find an “Enumeration of Enumeration Algorithms and Its Complexity”. For each class of the followings: Geometry Graph Hypergraph Matroid Order Other Permutation SAT Set String several enumeration problems are enumerated. For[…]