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The following blogs exhibit life in the computer science field, from blogs for beginners to complex theoretical blogs that can challenge the best minds in this field.

Computer Science

      1. A Computer Scientist in a Business School: Take a trip into Web information retrieval, economic-aware text and Web mining, text databases and more at this blog.
      2. A+ Computer Science Blog: News and tips for individuals who are computer science novices.
      3. Blown to Bits Blog: Building on their pioneering joint MIT/Harvard course, the authors reveal how the digital revolution is changing everything.
      4. Computer Science Department Blog: This blog, maintained by Virginia Tech, broaches many topics for novices and intermediate CS students.
      5. Computer Science Teacher – Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson: Alfred Thompson is the K-12 Computer Science Academic Relations Manager
        for Microsoft and teaches computer science at that level.
      6. Computer Science Teachers Association Blog: The CSTA deals with all things teaching in this field, with breaking news, updates and announcements.
      7. Daniel Lemire’s Blog: Professor Lemire teaches computer science and focuses on data, collaborative filtering, information retrieval and more.
      8. Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media: Matthew Hurst, scientist at Microsoft’s MSN, is into strategy, computational linguistics, blogs, artificial intelligence, data/text mining, gis and social media.
      9. Ernie’s 3D Pancakes: Although Jeff Erickson is a computer science professor, you might see this blog drift into computational complexity or theory with a penchant for computational geometry.
      10. FemaleScienceProfessor: A full professor in physical sciences grapples with puzzling aspects in her career.
      11. Freedom to Tinker: Freedom to Tinker is hosted by Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy.
      12. Glencora Borradaile: Glencora, an assistant professor in electrical engineering and computer science, is broadly interested in discrete optimization problems.
      13. Good Math, Bad Math: A computer scientist raves about mathematical beauty and tracks down “bozos who use bad math…”
      14. Haystack Blog: The MIT CSail Research department shares information on categories that range across collective intelligence to Semantic Web.
      15. Jason’s Computer Science Blog: Jason is completing his first year in a doctoral program in applied computing. His focus is wireless and mobile networks.
      16. My Biased Coin: Michael Mitzenmacher’s take on computer science, algorithms, networking, information theory and other related items.
      17. Oddhead Blog: Musings from a computer scientist on prediction markets, gambling and estimating the odds of everything.
      18. Pastacode computer science blog: A computer science student blogs about programming, Web, algorithms and computers.
      19. Process Algebra Diary: Computer science writ large at this site, through a teacher’s eyes.
      20. Radford Neal’s blog: A statistics and computer science professor blogs about technical and non-technical aspects of statistics and computation.
      21. The Female Perspective of Computer Science: Join this PhD student in computer science as she focuses on “educational entertainment and augmented reality.”
      22. WolframAlpha Blog: Wolfram|Alpha’s long-term goal is to collect and curate all objective data, implement every known model, method, and algorithm and make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything.
      23. YoungFemaleScientist: A savvy and spot-on commentary about women in science, about sexism and about…science and systems.

Computational Complexity and Theory

    1. Adventures in Computation: A PhD student at Carnegie Mellon focuses on theoretical computation.
    2. Algorithmic Game-Theory/Economics: Noam Nisan is a CS Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Research Scientist in Google, Tel-Aviv.
    3. Andy’s Math/CS page: Sporadic notes on mathematical and non-mathematical topics, from a student of computational complexity.
    4. bit-player: This blogger is no amateur, as he’s the senior writer for American Scientist, and writes that magazine’s Computing Science column. This blog focuses on computing and mathematics.
    5. Combinatorics and more: Gil Kalai, mathematician, works mainly on geometric combinatorics and the study of convex polytopes and related objects and on the analysis of Boolean functions and related matters.
    6. Computational Complexity: Enjoy the topic, brought to you by Lance Fortnow and Bill Gasarch and linked to Scientific American.
    7. Computational Information Geometry Wonderland: Thoughts and “serenpidity” on computational theory, geometry and any possible juxtaposition.
    8. Cryptosophy: This blog is offered by a theoretical computer scientist, a cryptographer who focuses on cryptography.
    9. dense outliers: Theoretical computer science from Down Under, rendered by Taso Viglas and Joachim Gudmundsson.
    10. Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP: This is a blog on P=NP and other theoretical questions within computer theory penned by Dick Lipton, Georgia Tech’s Frederick G. Storey Chair in Computing.
    11. Gowers’s Weblog: Gowers is a member of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Cambridge University and also a fellow of Trinity College.
    12. in theory: Home of LaTeX2WP, a program that converts a LaTeX file into something that is ready to be cut and pasted into WordPress.
    13. Inherent Uncertainty: This blog focuses on computer learning and game playing, prediction and decision-making.
    14. Paul Goldberg: This CS professor at the University of Liverpool writes about theoretical computer science, economics, and academic life in general.
    15. Shtetl-Optimized: Scott Aaronson’s stance is that quantum computers are not known to be able to solve NP-complete problems in polynomial time (see last category).
    16. The Geomblog: This blog is filled with “ruminations on computational geometry, algorithms, theoretical computer science and life.”
    17. The Leisure of the Theory Class: This blog is devoted to speculation and ruminations on all aspects of economic and game theory.
    18. the polylogblog: Andrew McGregor is an assistant professor in the computer science department at the University of Massachusetts and a member of the theory group.
    19. Theorem of the Day: Robin Whitty started Theorem of the Day in 2005, aiming for 366 theorems.
    20. What’s New: Professor Tao provides updates on his research, discussion of open problems and other maths-related topics.