Our paper about “Enumerating Cyclic Orientations of a Graph” will be presented at IWOCA2015 in Verona! Thanks to all my coauthors: Alessio Conte, Roberto Grossi, Romeo Rizzi. The abstract follows. Acyclic and cyclic orientations of an undirected graph have been widely studied for their importance: an orientation is acyclic if it assigns a direction to each edge[…]


Enumeration Catalogue

Some months ago, a very nice web page came out. I am talking about the catalogue of enumeration algorithms by Kunihiro Wasa. There you can find an “Enumeration of Enumeration Algorithms and Its Complexity”. For each class of the followings: Geometry Graph Hypergraph Matroid Order Other Permutation SAT Set String several enumeration problems are enumerated. For[…]



Our paper “On Computing the Hyperbolicity of Real-World Graphs” has been accepted for ESA 2015 !!! Thanks to all my coauthors Michele Borassi, David Coudert, and Pierluigi Crescenzi. You can read the abstract here. The (Gromov) hyperbolicity is a topological property of a graph, which has been recently applied in several different contexts, such as the design of[…]



WWW2015 has been in Florence, at Fortezza da Basso. It’s a great event for the city and I’ve seen several friends around!  


Blogs in Computer Science

A selection Some blogs :: Ernie’s 3D Pancakes :: My Biased Coin :: Radford Neal’s blog :: Algorithmic Game-Theory/Economics :: bit-player :: Combinatorics and more :: Computational Complexity :: Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP :: Gowers’s Weblog :: in theory :: Shtetl-Optimized :: The Geomblog :: the polylogblog :: Theorem of the Day :: What’s[…]

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